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KIM HYUN JOONG: Online Concert On October 17,2020 'Bell Of Blessing" From a Distance > K-POP

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KIM HYUN JOONG: Online Concert On October 17,2020 'Bell Of Blessing" From a Distance

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2020-10-16 23:24:10



Everyone in the Henecia fandom is now very excited on  October 17, 2020 to watch Kim Hyun Joong concert on line for the first time. 

I have seen countless accounts from fans all over the world have been published all over the social media accounts various phots, video clips of Kim Hyun Joong online concert.


It was original schedule supposed to be last Oct 3, but due to some connections problems  Kim Hyun Joong decided to postponed it to October 17, to give his fans a better concert connections.. Many expectations are now in each fans who brought the tickets. What could it be the concept? Based on it's title 'A Bell of Blessing' could be mean. that everyone is lucky to survive the pandemic and be able to gather together on his online concert or could be a sign of peace to everyone. Or Perhaps the bell symbolizes the beauty of his journey, that he was able to establish, a personal rapport with his fans. 




There must be the encore where everyone in the audience can dance and rose to its feet.  


How does he do it? Everything will be a surprised. All I know the concert will be a promise of hope love and peace.   He must be telling the world not to give up .  What ever the concert may be , I am sure this concert will be a night to remember to look up and see a wishing star streak across the sky!


We wish every single Kim Hyun Joong fans an enjoyable and unforgettable online concert!

And for Kim Hyun Joong let this be online concert can be the call to all to grow into a respected musician like him.  All of his fans knows his love for music and to playing  guitar. is his destiny and ambitions.  His music is like a Bell of Blessings to all of his fans and a Bell of Happiness to each hearts.  Kim Hyun Joong has reached this level of success he has gone a long way, from singing from side wings to being the center stage.

It is time to party once again! His looks incredibly handsome on his official concert poster, this online concert is a happy occasion for him and for his fans.  I know he can be at his  best!  Yes the history is being written once again in the life of each Henecians. Am I am glad I will be part of it. I will enjoy watching It!

written by  : gikimtan